DIY Mermaid Plant Pot

DIY Mermaid Plant Pot.

Mermaids! This is the last corresponding DIY for the April Mermaid Lagoon Glittery Hands Box, possibly the most mermaidy yet! A mermaid Plant pot DIY!

You will need:

  • Plain Plant pot
  • Docrafts Artiste Acrylic Paint in Lavender*
  • Glitter Mix- No1 Mermaid Tears*
  • Heart Seahorse Card shape*
  • Paint Brush
  • Washi Tape
  • PVA Glue
  • Small Brush

IMG_8963 copy

Step One:

Use the washi tape to tape two diagonal strips onto your pot.


Step Two:

Paint the lavender acrylic paint onto the pot in between on side of the tape to create a block of purple on your pot. Let this dry before painting on a second layer.

IMG_8859 copy

Once dry, remove the washi tape carefully to reveal beautiful clean lines on your block of colour.

Step Three:

Next, use the heart seahorse shape from the April Glittery Hands Box as a stencil. Tape it onto your pot with washi tape.

Next brush on PVA glue to the seahorse section.


Step Four:

GLITTER! Pour your Mermaid tears glitter mix onto the PVA glued seahorse.

Brush off the excess, then allow the seahorse to dry before removing the stencil.

IMG_8876 copy

Step Five:

Pop a beautiful succulent or cactus into your pot, the more seaweedy looking the better!

I also stuck my mermaid cut-out onto a cocktail stick and popped it into the plant pot too, just to bring even more mermaid vibes to this plant situation!I think it looks like she’s just swimming past some seaweed going about her mermaid business!


IMG_8885 copy

IMG_8888 copy


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