DIY ‘Mermaid Gang’ T-shirt

DIY ‘Mermaid Gang’ T-shirt

Hey, mermaids! Here’s another make that corresponds with the April Glittery Hands Box. This one uses my absolute fave piece in the mermaid lagoon box- iron on glitter letters. Glittery and fabulous they are so so so easy to make look professional.

Here’s how to make a ‘mermaid gang’ t-shirt with your glitter letters and a cheap t-shirt!

You will need:

  • Glitzerz Silver Glitter Iron on Letters*
  • Blank T-shirt
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

* Part of April’s Glittery Hands Box Mermaid Lagoon.

IMG_8942 copy

Step One:

Turn your iron on letters over and trace out the letter on the back of the paper. This will help you line up your letters and make sure they are the right way round on your t-shirt.

I found it easiest to put the letters up against the window to do this so that I could easily see them through the paper.
IMG_8944 copy

Step Two:

Cut out the letters you need. This doesn’t have to be neat or close to the letter – It does help to ensure you cut a straight line at the bottom of the letter for ease of lining it up on your t-shirt.


Step Three:

Lay out your t-shirt on the ironing board, make sure it is flat and lined up neatly.

Then start placing your letters glitter side down onto the t-shirt. Make sure before you start that the letters will be in a good position on your body.

I found it helpful to start with the centre letter M and work out from there.IMG_8948 copy

Step Four:

Get ironing! Press the Iron onto the letters for around 20 seconds. I used a piece of paper between my letters and the iron since the iron is covered in gunk I didn’t want to ruin my t-shirt!

Make sure you get all of the letters particularly the edges.

IMG_8952 copy

Step Five:

Turn the top inside out, press the iron onto the letters again from this side of the t-shirt.

IMG_8953 copy

Step Six:

Allow the letters to cool before peeling off the paper. If the letters do not appear to have stuck repeat the ironing process.

IMG_8956 copy

Step Seven:

Pop on your T-shirt! Welcome to the Mermaid Gang!

IMG_8995 copy

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