DIY Marquee Light Wall Art

DIY Marquee Light wall art

I recently did a craft haul of gorgeous stuff from (go check them out there's some really cool crafty stuff!) So thought it would be cool to make something with the bits I got. I'm still obsessed with marquee lights so anything that brings that carnival, circus vibe to my life is fine by me! I want to create an easy piece of wall art for my office that had some kind of meaning or motivation and using this arrow die seemed like the perfect place to start!

You will need:

Step One:

Cut out one arrow with your die cutting machine on pink paper.

Step Two:

Glue the arrow onto A5 Black Card.

Then use the white ink pad, 'This way to" and 'New Adventures" stamps to stamp the sentiment below the arrow.

Step three:

Stick the adhesive gems into the holes inside the arrow. I decided to go for a carnival looking multicoloured effect.

Ta da! One awesome piece of inspirational wall art! Add it to your wall for instant sparkle and motivation.

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