DIY Marbled Envelopes

I am in love with marbling everything I can get my hands on at the moment, as you may of seen from my recent Thank you Card Tutorial , I sent out some cards to my loved ones and obviously they needed to be put in beautiful envelopes! 

Here’s how to get stunning envelopes that will even catch the postmans eye! 

You will need: 

  • Marbling inks
  • Plain Envelopes
  • A bowl filled with water

Step one: 

Pop a few drops of marbling ink into the bowl of water, two colours looks great. 

Give the water a swirl with a spoon, two mix up the colour and create that beautiful marbled effect. 

Step two:

Dip a blank envelope into the water, play around with different corners and sides to dip. Dip to maximum of five centimetres so that you still have enough room to write on an address.

Step three: 

Leave your envelopes to dry.

Step four:

Pop in some beautiful handmade cards or even just a letter to your bank! 

Write on the adresses and pop into a post box.

Are you loving the marbling trend too? 

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