DIY Marbled Copper Star Decorations

DIY Marbled Copper Stars.

Here’s the third DIY that corresponds with this month’s Glittery Hands Box. Since this month’s theme is ‘cosmic adventure’ I wanted to create something with a star them that used as much copper leaf as I could! I had some black and white Fimo hanging around in my craft room so thought I would put it to use making some adorable marbled stars, you could always use clay for this make if you haven’t got any Fimo.

You will need:

  • Star Cutter*
  • White and Black Fimo
  • Copper Leaf*
  • PVA Glue
  • Paint Brush

*Products Can be found in the May Glittery Hands Box.

IMG_9298 copy

Step One:

Roll out your Fimo, use a tiny bit of black and more white. Roll it and fold it in to get a beautiful marbled effect. Roll flat to a thickness of 4mm.

IMG_9300 copy

IMG_9302 copy

Step two:

Take your star cutter and cut out a star shape, roll out your Fimo again to cut some more!

IMG_9303 copy

Step Three:

Make a hole at the top of one of your stars points, This will enable you to hang your star with pretty ribbon or string if you wish.

Pop your stars into the oven for 15mins at 50*C. This will dry them out.

IMG_9309 copy

Step Four:

Paint a little PVA Glue on to random sections of your stars, lightly brush on the copper leaf to the glued areas. Be very carefully, this is a fiddly job, copper leaf has a mind of its own!

IMG_9311 copy

IMG_9312 copy

IMG_9313 copy

Three pictures of this step weren’t necessary but I couldn’t help it. Copper!

Step five:

Hang up your beautiful stars with some gorgeous string. Hand them around the house or add them to presents for an extra bit of bling!

IMG_9315 copy

IMG_9316 copy

You can find out more about The Glittery Hands Box here!


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