DIY Letter Bead Friendship Bracelets

DIY Letter Bead Friendship Bracelets

With valentines round the corner, it’s always nice to make something for your gal pals! to show them how important they are to your girl gang. These easy friendship bracelets are perfect for presents and so simple to make you will be whipping them up for everyone you know!

You will need:

  • Letter Beads
  • Oil Slick Beads
  • Waxed thread
  • Scissors

Step One:

Pick out the beads you need. I decided to spell out LOVE but you could go for names or cute phrases, push the boat out!

Step two:

Tie a knot about a third of the way down your thread. 

Step Three:

Start adding beads, I added three beads then my letters, followed by three more beads.

Step Four:

Tie a knot at the end of your beads to hold them in place.

Then tie one end of the thread to the other with a simple knot, then repeat with the other end of the thread to create a fastening.

Share the love with these beauties! Who will you give one too?

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