DIY ‘Let’s Celebrate’ Party Garland

DIY ‘Let’s Celebrate’ party garland.

I’ve recently seen this type of garland on sale for over £10! Which however pretty seems mad to me as they are so easy to make, for the price of an A4 sheet of card you can make your own in a couple of minutes.

Perfect for any party, this Party Garland is the finishing touch you can’t go without!

You can find some of the items in this tutorial in the December Glittery Hands box- Find out more about The Glittery Hands Box- A craft supplies subscription box here!

You will need:

Step one:

Print out the Free template. You can either print it onto card and use the coloured letters or print onto paper and just use it as a template to cut out the letters onto coloured card as I have done.

Step two:

Cut a length of twine, then lay out the letters along the garland so that are evenly spaced.

Flip up the letters, then glue them onto twine with a blob of glue. It’s really that simple!

Hang your garland for everyone to enjoy! The perfect finishing touch to any party!

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