DIY “Home is where the netflix is” Frame  

Who doesn’t love the netflix? I am a massive fan- I just wasted a day watching a whole season of RuPauls drag race- just so many sequins! 

A lovely friend of mine had a birthday this weekend and I wanted to make her something special, she’s a big netflix fan so I wanted to make her something along that theme. I found a cool tshirt on Pinterest, with the quote “Home is where the Netflix is” which I decided would make a perfect home sweet home style frame.  

 I changed my mind as I was making it, from using paper for the background to using white felt. I also decided to add some last minute stitching- which really gave that little extra something something. 

 I made this ages ago, but couldn’t upload it yet as it was present- so I’m so excited to upload it and share it. Let me know what you think. 

You will need:

  • A beautiful frame (you can always pick up a cheap one from the pound shop) 
  • Felt – one sheet of red and one sheet of white
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Red Thread
  • Glue gun/ Glue.


Step one: 

Mark out the words on a piece of paper to ensure they fit inside your frame. You could get fancy with a ruler here if you wanted to get it really exact. 

Draw your letters out onto the felt, draw larger letters so that when you cut them out you can cut off the pen lines. Use your paper as a guide for size. 



Step two:

Cut out your felt letters, be really careful to get straight lines and neat edges. 

 Step three:  Lay out your letters on top of your white felt, make sure they fit the frame and all line up correctly. 

Double check you have spelt everything correctly!

Step four: Get out your needle and thread and get sewing. Use a running stitch and sew a line through the middle of each letter. Don’t worry about small neat stitches you want them to be seen!

Step five:  Use the glue gun to glue your completed felt piece to the back board of the frame, this will help it from sliding down or being distorted when you put it back together. 

Step six: Assemble your frame.

Display it somewhere lovely for everyone to see, or do what I did and gift it- they make a lovely birthday present particually for Netflix fans!

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