DIY Handmade Confetti

DIY Handmade Confetti

What’s better than confetti? More so what’s better than confetti you made yourself?

Making your own confetti is a really easy way to add your own personality to a wedding or a table setting, It also means you can have exactly the confetti you dream about. The colour scheme you need and for a percentage of the price.

This is such an easy thing to do, it’s super quick, cheap and uses things you already have around the house.

DIY Handmade Confetti.

You will need:

  • Hole punch
  • Coloured paper of your choice
  • Glitter paper

IMG_7784 copy

Step one:

Using the hole punch, start  punching holes in to the paper. Im using a piece of Marbled double sided craft paper.

The pieces of confetti will start to collect in the hole punch.

IMG_7790 copy

IMG_7797 copy

IMG_7804 copy

Step two:

Use scissors to cut up the paper so that all of it can be used.

IMG_7810 copy

Step three:

I used glitter paper to add a little more sparkle to my confetti pieces.

IMG_7820 copy

Step Four:

Flatten the confetti pieces, as they may have got a little folded up during the punching process.

Get sprinkling!

IMG_7776 copy

IMG_7767 copy

Want to make super cute little packages of confetti throwing loveliness? Why no pop a handful into a clear bag and secure with a oversized paperclip and a pretty tag?

IMG_7821 copy

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