DIY Hama Bead Emoji Magnets

DIY Hama Bead Emoji Magnets

I adore Emoji’s, who doesn’t? They are the perfect way to say exactly what you want to say in a cute little smiley faced package. As you may have noticed in my DIY Emoji Wash Bag post, one of my favourite emoji’s is the heart eyes one so I wanted to create something with that sassy little face using Hama beads.

So here is my tutorial for DIY Emoji magnets because why not say all you want to say in emoji form on the fridge too? I’ve also made the cheeky face emoji, what a cutie! For the first time ever on you can buy (for only 40p) a downloadable template of this DIY to make it easier to work out where those pesky beads need to go. Expect more downloadable DIY’s soon!

Buy the Template for the hearts eyes and cheeky face emoji Here!

You will need:

  • Hama Beads
  • Small Hexagon Peg board
  • Small Magnet
  • Glue Gun
  • Iron
  • Wax Paper
  • Template

Step One:

Get out your Hama beads that haven’t seen the light of day since 1998, it’s time to bring those bad boys back.

You’ll need the yellow, red and black ones. To avoid later frustration, it might be a good plan to find these sooner rather than later to avoid disaster!
IMG_8032 copy

Step two:

Using your hexagon peg board and your downloaded template set about making a circle, heart eyes and that cute smiley mouth.


Step Three:

Fill in your emoji with yellow Hama beads.



IMG_8059 copy

Step Four:

Cover your bead creation with wax paper (baking paper or tracing paper will do the trick too).

Carefully iron the wax paper (you might need a responsible adult for this!), keeping it moving at all times until all of the beads are stuck to the paper and have melted to each other.

IMG_8509 copy

IMG_8515 copy

IMG_8517 copy

Step Five:

Lift off the peg board, then once cooled slowly peel off the wax paper to reveal a beautiful emoji!

Step six:

Use your glue gun to glue a magnet to the back of your Hama bead emoji face.



Step Seven:

Add it to your fridge with one of your fave photos, guaranteed to make everyone smile.

Don’t forget you can download the template for the heart eyes and the cheeky face emoji here!

IMG_8614 copy

What’s your fave emoji?

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