DIY Halloween Marbled Skulls.

DIY Halloween Marbled Skulls

What’s this? an extra DIY this week? As it’s Halloween week I thought I’d ramp up the making! I bought these Halloween polystyrene skulls from hobby crafts a while ago (they were only 50p each! Bargain! ) with the idea to do something sugar skull related with them. But I  just wasn’t inspired so they have sat on my desk staring spookily at me waiting for inspiration to strike. Luckily one of BFF’s Hannah saw them and as like “Why don’t you marble them, em?” So that’s what I did!

I wasn’t sure how well marbling would work with polystyrene, so decided to use nail varnish as I knew that would stick to the shiny polystyrene surface and it worked really really well. It’s a handy tip to remember for any polystyrene project. Perhaps I’ll be marbling some Christmas decorations this year now!

DIY Halloween Marbled Skulls.

You will need:

IMG_9635 copy

Step one:

Make sure that the container and spoon you are using are disposable or ones that you don’t mind being covered in nail varnish, as they will end up in a mess!

Fill your container with cold water. Add a few drops of each colour of nail varnish, it will float on the surface. Use the spoon to very carefully spread it around so the surface of the water is nicely marbled.

IMG_9644 copy

Step two:

Dip your polystyrene skull into the water gently rolling it from on side to the other so that the whole face is covered.

IMG_9647 copy

IMG_9652 copy

Step Three:

Don’t forget to turn over your freaky friend and dip the back of his head!

IMG_9656 copy

Allow any excess water to drip back into the container before leaving him to dry, being nail varnish this shouldn’t take long!

IMG_9658 copy

Step four:

Use your skulls to create a fabulous Halloween display, hang them up or why not do lots of skulls and create a spooktacular garland?

IMG_9679 copy

IMG_9695 copy

IMG_9698 copy

Happy Halloween!

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