DIY Halloween Cat Hair clip.

Halloween is approaching fast, which means glitter and cats, and glittery cats are all over the place. I love it.

I also love putting cute glittery things in my hair, so since it’s been a cat filled week on (see here and here!) I thought I would make some cute kittens to pop into hair and make my messy bun a little bit more presentable!

DIY Halloween Cat Hair Clip.

You will need:

  • Glitter Paper in white, pink and black.
  • PVA Glue.
  • A thin paintbrush.
  • Hair grip Blanks.
  • Glue gun.
  • Template (only 50p!)


Step One:

Using the template (it’s only 50p you can grab it here) cut out the cat face, whiskers, eyes, ears and nose from the glitter paper. I used white glitter paper for the face, black for the whiskers and eyes and pink for the ears and nose.

Some of the pieces are tiny so be really careful cutting out, it’s a bit fiddly!

IMG_8194 copy

Step Two:

Using PVA glue and a tiny little brush (not a brush for tiny little people but one with a small thin tip!) glue the features to the cat face.

IMG_8227 copy

Step Three:

Once your cat has dried turn him over and glue the hair grip to the back using the glue gun.

IMG_8238 copy

IMG_8251 copy

Step Four:

Allow to dry.

I made a second one so it could have a feline friend!

IMG_8254 copy

Step Five:

Add to the front of your messy bun and ta da you are serving Halloween glitter chic realness.

IMG_8965 copy


IMG_8177 copy

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