DIY Halloween Cat Ears.

Hello Glitter Kittens, Halloween is coming! The perfect excuse for glitter and getting away with wearing things on your head in daily life.

A pair of cat ears is always my Halloween fail-safe, it’s the perfect accessory¬†to throw on with a black outfit and in minutes you’ve got yourself a Halloween costume. Add a cat eye and a little cat nose, whack on some cute heels and you are good to go at the drop of a witches hat!

I thought why not make my own glittery cat ears this year, so here’s my DIY Cat Ear tutorial so that you can bring kitten glitter glam to Halloween this year too. ¬†It’s super easy too, so there really it no excuse!

Cat Lady’s (and gentlemen) let’s go get glittery…..

DIY Halloween Cat Ears.

You will need:

IMG_8416 copy

Step One:

Using the Black Glitter paper, cut out two of the hourglass cat ear shapes. Use this FREE Template for a size guide.

IMG_8061 copy

Step Two:

Cut out two rounded triangles from the pink glitter card.

IMG_8069 copy

Step Three:

Using PVA glue, glue the pink triangles onto the front of the ear pieces. Leave at least one centimetre at the bottom of each ear.

IMG_8286 copy

Step Four:

Take the scissors and cut a vertical slit up the centre bottom of each ear, just under a centimetre long.

IMG_8408 copy

Step five:

Fold the ears together, glittery sides facing out. Glue together with the glue gun.

IMG_8420 copy

Step Six:

Attach the ears to the headband. Fold the bottom pieces over and use the slit you cut earlier to overlap, add glue to the underneath side of the hair band to fasten into place.

IMG_8429 copy

IMG_8436 copy

IMG_8440 copy

Don’t forget to download the FREE Template here!

IMG_8785 copy
This is the face I’ll be doing when I see scary trick or treaters not wearing any glitter!
Share some snaps of your glittery kitten ears with me on Instagram (@ejewell), I’d love to see them!


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