DIY Glitter Skull Garland

It’s Halloween week! Time to get spooky! I wanted to create some Halloween decorations that were a little less tacky and a whole lot of creepy chic. Obviously they had to contain glitter! I settled on creating this simple skull garland, with alternating white and black glittery skulls its perfect for adding a little bit of sophisticated Halloween to your home. Perfect too for Halloween parties or to hang above your front door to welcome trick or treaters!

DIY Glitter Skull Garland.

You will Need:

IMG_8273 copy

Step one:

Gather your glitter card and plain black card, then using the template cut out two skulls from each piece of card.

You should end up with 2x white glitter, 2x black glitter and 2x black card.

IMG_8259 copy

Step two:

Using a sharp craft knife cut out the eyes, nose and mouth holes. Be very careful! Adult help might be a good idea here!
IMG_8267 copy

Step three:

Admire your great cutting skills!

IMG_8271 copy

Step four:

Take the two plain black skulls, add a thin line of PVA glue around the eyes and mouth using a very small paintbrush.

IMG_8281 copy

Step five:

Sprinkle black glitter over the PVA glue and leave to dry. This will add a little bit of extra sparkle and definition to your spooky skulls!

You could always swap out black glitter for a different colour perhaps a purple or green!

IMG_8284 copy

Step six:

Position your skulls alternating along your string/wool. I cut my string about 2 metres, I then positioned the skulls about 20cm apart. Be sure to leave a length of string at either end for hanging!

IMG_8311 copy

Step seven:

Get out your glue gun and add glue to the back of your skulls to attach them to your string.

IMG_8313 copy

Step eight:

Hang up your skull garland for all to see!


IMG_8320 copy

IMG_8324 copy

IMG_8325 copy

IMG_8335 copy


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