DIY Geometric Christmas Tree Card.

Sending a handmade Christmas card is an extra special way to let your loved ones know that you really love them this festive season. This one’s for the non-traditionalists, the men in your life or just for those who won’t appreciate a fluffy kitten on their Christmas card!

It’s ultra simple, yet looks like you have made loads of effort, win!

DIY Geometric Christmas Tree Card.

You will need:

  • Gold glitter card
  • Black A5 card
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Craft Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Pva Glue

IMG_9763 copy

Step one:

In pencil, draw out a Christmas tree on the front of your card. Use a ruler to get straight lines. I opted for a circular bottom to my tree. Don’t forget to add a tree trunk too!

IMG_9765 copy

Step Two:

Using the ruler, draw triangles inside the tree shape. Be sure to leave gaps between the triangles.

Use triangles of all shapes and sizes to fill the tree, this will ensure the tree shape is obvious.

IMG_9768 copy

IMG_9770 copy

Step three:

Using the craft knife and cutting board, begin cutting out the triangles.

IMG_9771 copy

Don’t forget to rub out your pencil marks!

IMG_9773 copy

Step Four:

Cut out a small rectangle for the tree trunk.

IMG_9775 copy

Step five:

Take your gold glitter card and cut to size. Make sure that it is big enough to cover the whole tree.

IMG_9776 copy

Step six:

Glue the gold glitter card to the inside of the card using PVA glue.

IMG_9793 copy

IMG_9781 copy
IMG_9796 copy

Fill in this beauty with a lovely message and pop into an envelope, then deliver it in style!

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