DIY Flower Headband


Flower headbands are a perfect accessory for spring and summer, they make the most boring and simple of hairstyles full of summery delight.

I personally like to put one on when I’m feeling sad, to brighten my day.

Despite all of that beautiful flowery ness they are so easy to make!

You will need:

* Plain Headbands

I found some on EBay for less than £2, but you could always rejuvenate an old headband you have at home. It needs to be at least half a centimetre in width and have a flat surface, as this will make it easier to attach beautiful flowers.

*Paper flowers.

I purchased a lovely selection of colours from The Works, but why not grab some tissue paper and make your own!


I really like the Bostick Glu and Fix, as its strong and perfect for attaching paper and metal. You could use a glue gun ( mine had an unfortunate disaster with a cup of PVA glue and is currently unsafe to use!)


Just plain old scissors.

Step one:

Start about 2inches from the end of the headband, Put a strip of glue about 10cm long along the flat edge.

Step two:

Place flowers side by side onto the glued section, push them down gently and hold until stable.

Step three:

Continue gluing and sticking on the flowers until the whole headband is covered, leaving 2inches free at the end.

Step four:

Turn the headband over and reinforce any flowers with glue that need it, add in flowers to any gaps too.

Step five:

Leave to dry.

Step six:

Pop onto your head and find the nearest festival!


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