DIY Festival Leaf Crown

DIY Festival Leaf Crown.

Feel those festival vibes with this super cute leafy crown. Since festival season is well underway it was time for a festival fabulous DIY, I always find a festival the perfect place to wear all of the sparkles on your head so why not make your own festival leaf crown?

The leaf trim from the July Glittery Hands Box is perfect for creating a quick and easy festival leaf crown.

You Will Need:

  • Wire
  • Scissors
  • Leaf trim*
  • Sequins*
  • Glue Gun

*Found in the July Glittery Hands Box IMG_1941 copy

Step One:

Measure out a length of wire long enough to go comfortably around your head.

Join the two ends of the wire together by wrapping them around each other.

IMG_1942 copy

IMG_1943 copy

Step Two:

Use a glue gun to seal the sharp ends of the wire with a big blob of glue. This will stop them digging into your head!

IMG_1944 copy

Step three:

Wrap your leaf trim around the wire circle. Glue at a few points as you go around.

IMG_1945 copy

IMG_1946 copy

Step Four:

Get sequinning! Glue sequins to the leaves to give that festival chic sparkle!

IMG_1947 copy

IMG_2243 copy

IMG_2246 copy

IMG_2237 copy

FIND out more about The Glittery hands box here!

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