DIY Felt Ice Cream Brooch

DIY Felt Ice Cream Brooch.

Time for another Ice cream related DIY from the June Glittery hands boX! Since jazzing up denim is huge right now, I wanted to create something that would look great pinned to a denim jacket for the summer months. This super cute DIY Felt ice cream brooch is really easy to make and will look great pinned to anything!

You will need:

  • Felt- Lilac, Pink, and Yellow*
  • Glue Gun (PVA would work too!)
  • Scissors
  • Badge Back Blank
  • Sequin Trim*
  • Sequins*
  • Pencil

IMG_0129 copy

Step One:

Take your yellow piece of felt and fold in half. At the fold cut off the corner to create a folded triangle piece.

IMG_0130 copy

Step Two:

Use your glue gun to glue the two sides of your yellow felt triangle together, this will become your cone.

IMG_0131 copy

Step Three:

Fold over the Lilac felt and cut a semi-circle the same width as the top of your cone. This is your first scoop of Ice cream.

IMG_0133 copy

Step Four:

Repeat Step Three with your pink felt then use your scissors to cut the straight edge into drips.

IMG_0134 copy

Glue both sides of your lilac semi-circle together, then glue the pink scoop the front and back of the lilac scoop.

IMG_0135 copy

IMG_0136 copy

Step Five:

Glue the scoops to the cone.

IMG_0137 copy

Step Six:

Glue a strip of Sequin trip to the top of the cone, cut off any excess sequins.

IMG_0139 copy

Step Seven:

Grab some sequins and glue them to the top of your pink scoop to create sprinkles!

IMG_0140 copy

Step Eight:

Use a strip of glue to stick on the Badge back to the back of your cone.

IMG_0142 copy

Step Nine:

Add to a denim jacket and shimmy off to buy some Ice cream!

IMG_0144 copy

IMG_0145 copy


Find out more about The Glittery hands Box Here!

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