DIY Emoji Wash Bag

DIY Emoji Wash Bag

Hello Emoji’s, the cutest form of communication ever! Emoji’s are everywhere at the moment, so why not add one to a simple wash bag with this easy DIY! This big yellow face will brighten your day whether you are in a field in the rainy UK or living it up on a beach in Hawaii!

You will need:

  • Wash Bag- I picked up this blue one for £1 in Wilkinson.
  • Black, Red and Yellow felt.
  • Scissors
  • Strong Glue- I used Bostick Glu and Fix.


Step One:

Cut out a large circle of the yellow felt, I used a CD to give me a rough size guide.


Step Two:

Cut out a banana shape from the black felt, about 4cm long.This is your emoji’s smile!


Step Three:

Fold the red felt in half and cut out a heart, this will give you two hearts that are exactly the same.


Step four:

Get gluing! Glue the black mouth piece on to the bottom of the yellow circle.


Then add glue to the back of the two hearts, stick them above the mouth where the eyes should be.



Step five:

Add glue to the back of the emoji face.


Stick it onto the centre front of the wash bag and allow to dry.

Step six:

Ta da! Emoji wash bag complete! Fill it with all of your beauty bits and get going!




Which emoji is your fave? Check out my emoji board on Pinterest too!

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