DIY Embroidery Hoop Quote

DIY Embroidery Hoop Quote.

Embroidery is huge right now, Particularly sassy quotes embroidered onto hoops to create original wall art. I thought I would have a go at my own embroidery hoop quote using the floral fabric found in the August Glittery Hands Box.

Although I need to work on my letter embroidery! I found this to be such a relaxing and cute craft to loose an afternoon too. If you need some embroidery Inspo check out these sassy stitchers on Instagram:





Have fun stitching glitter kittens…

You will need:

  • 4″ Wooden Embroidery Hoop*
  • Floral fabric*
  • Needle*
  • Embroidery thread*
  • Iron On key motif*
  • Pencil

*Included in the August Glittery Hands Box.

IMG_2100 copy

Step One:

Cut your floral fabric in a rough square around your embroidery hoop.

Undo the screw so that the inside hoop pops out. Place this behind your fabric before sandwiching the fabric between the two hoops, then tighten up the screw so that the fabric is stretched evenly between the two hoops and is ready for sewing!

IMG_2101 copy

Step Two:

Use a pencil to sketch out your quote, I am going for “Happiness is the key”.

Play around with where you want your motif to go and make sure it will all fit onto the hoop neatly.

IMG_2104 copy

Step Three:

Start sewing! take a strand of embroidery thread ( I choose Black) and double in through the needle tieing a knot in the end.

Start from the back, creating each letter with little stitches. I attempted to do a chain stitch which I filled in with running stitch to cover up any major gaps.

Play around with different stitches, you can use the Mollie Makes Stitch Library if you want to try some new stitches.

IMG_2105 copy

Step Four:

Complete your quote ( I was defo going for a quirky look, rather than perfection!)

Then cut off the excess fabric around your hoop.

IMG_2107 copy

Grab your Iron-on Key Motif and iron it into place.

You could easily hang up your embroidery work on a hook or add a pretty ribbon to the screw and hang it from that- Ta Da Sassy new wall art!

IMG_2112 copy


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