DIY Embroidered Constellation Card

DIY Embroidered Constellation Card

This is the fourth Space themed DIY to coincide with this months Glittery Hands Box. I am really loving embroidered cards this month, so though what better way to put the silver thread to use than by using it to make a constellation themed card!

You Will Need:

  • Black Card
  • Silver Metallic Thread*
  • Needle
  • Glitter Alpha Stickers*
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Envelope
  • Silver Gel Pen*

*Found in the May Glittery Hands Box

IMG_9329 copy

Step one:

Use pinterest to find a contellation that you like the look of (I went for Orion) Use this image to help you mark out the stars on your card using a needle to make holes.

IMG_9337 copy

Step two:

Get sewing! Use Silver thread to sew into the holes to create the constellation. Dont worry if the back is messy, we will cover it up later.

IMG_9340 copy

Add crosses for extra stars.

IMG_9345 copy

Step Three:

Use the Glitter Letters to name your constellation. Stick them on beneath the constellation.

IMG_9347 copy

IMG_9349 copy

Step Four:

Cut a rectangle of black card, Use pritt stick to stick it over the back of the card, covering up any messy sewing.

IMG_9355 copy

Step Five:

Write a message in the card with a silver gel pen.

IMG_9356 copy

Pop it in an envelope and seal by sticking a planet onto the opening flap.Send to all of your alien friends!

IMG_9360 copy


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