DIY Easy ABC Card

DIY Easy ABC Card.

I’ve always loved those Alphabet posters, where each letter is assigned an object to help you learn the alphabet, so when the Glittery Hands box theme was Alphabet for January. I thought it was time to illustrate my own.

Although I think its ultra sad to cut it up, this page works great as journalling cards or as an easy way to make a personalised card. Why not cut up the letters to make a word and add it to a card ready for valentines day!

You will need:

  • My illustrated ABC paper (you can download it here!)
  • A blank white Card
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape or glue

Step One:

Cut out the letters you want to use, I’m going for LOVE because I’m boring and unoriginal but you could always spell out a name or just stick on their fave things. Love bearded men? cut out that little guy and stick him on!

Step Two:

Stick on your letters in a square fashion using glue or if you are feeling fancy some double sided tape. 

Ta da! One super cute card, that cost you less than a packet of peanuts! #winning

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