DIY Cress Filled Teacups

DIY Cress Filled Teacups


As you may know, if you read my recent post: Welcoming house plants to the home of a plant murderer. That I am always on the look out for ways to have plants in the house that I am not going to kill.

I remembered that growing cress as a child was really easy and with loads of teacups lying around I though it might be a good idea to put them to good use. Cress with its tiny little leaves is so pretty, really really cheap and also great for eatting! And as a massive plus Inside a teacup it looks like a birdseye view of a tiny little jungle! I choose to use curled leave cress as it looked prettier on the packet, but any cress will do! 

How to make your own cress filled teacups:

You will need:

  • A Teacup- The prettier the better! 
  • Cress- I got mine in Wilkinson for around 60p 
  • Kitchen roll 
  • Water

Step one:

Fold up a piece of kitchen roll or tissue paper and pop it into your chosen teacup.

Step Two:

Water your kitchen roll, making sure it is well and truly soaked.

Step Three:

Sprinkle your cress seeds onto the tissue, make sure you get a even covering of seeds.


Step Four:

Place your cress on the window sill so it can get lots of light, keep an eye on it and water as needed!

Once it has grown to a sufficient height you can trim it off and eat it! Maybe have a little party and have cress in your sandwiches. Go cress crazy!



I’d love to see how your teacups are looking, let me know with a comment!

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