DIY Confetti Balloons

DIY Confetti Balloons.

I Love confetti balloons! They always look so fabulous and upgrade a boring balloon in minutes to one that looks more expensive and like you have made loads more effort. But the simple fact is they are super cheap to make and more importantly really really easy to do.

This is a DIY made in conjunction with the Glittery Hands Box- A monthly craft surprise. Find out more here!

You will Need:

  • Latex Transparent Balloons
  • Confetti
  • A Funnel

Step one:

Let’s just get it out of the way first, yes these balloons look dodgy when deflated!

Having a funnel is the main trick to getting confetti balloons looking fabulous. Take your funnel and bunch up the neck of the ballon, so that the end of the funnel is entering the main balloon cavity. This will make getting confetti in there a whole lot easier.

Step Two:

Stuff as much confetti into the funnel as possible and push it down into the balloon. If you confetti is having a hard time getting in there, use a pencil to push it down.

The more confetti the merrier!

I found the foil type a lot easier than the tissue confetti. Smaller confetti pieces are definitely easier! 

Step Three:

Blow up your balloon, as usual using Helium, Take it slow and watch as your confetti blows beautifully about!

Add balloon tails for extra party sass!

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