DIY Christmas Crackers

DIY Christmas Crackers

A perfect addition to any christmas table- handmade crackers are the way to go this year! Download the free printable template here!

You Will Need:


Step One:

Print out the christmas cracker template onto A4 paper.

Use it to cut out the cracker shape onto your chosen paper, use a craft knife to cut out the diamond shapes shown on the template.


Step Two:

Fold your paper along the dotted lines and red lines  on the template.

Step Three:

Fill the inside with sequins, a little note, a bad joke, a hat and a treat!img_9158-copy

Step Four:

Use double sided tape to stick the flaps together to create a cylinder.img_9159-copy

Step Five:

Tie the ends with sequin string and add berries for decoration. Add some sequins for extra festive sparkle. img_9160-copy


Lay up your Christmas table with your beautiful crackers, why not personalise each one for your guests?

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