DIY Boho Flower Crown

DIY Boho Flower Crown

I will never get tired of making Flower crowns ( or sticking sequins on my face). There’s something magical about putting on a flower crown, like a magical forest fairy. Perfect for every day or for jazzing up for a festival or party, a flower crown is a perfect accessory for any glitter kitten.

You will need:

  • Paper Flowers*
  • Blank Headband*
  • Glue Gun
  • Sequins*
  • Diamante flowers*
  • Scissors

*Found in the August Secret Garden Glittery Hands Box.

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Step One:

Cut the flowers from the stems, this will give you a flat flower that is easy to stick to the headband.

IMG_2078 copy

Step Two:

Get glueing, Use a glue gun to stick your flowers to the headband. Do a strip of glue on the headband, then secure your flower. Don’t be afraid to push them up against each other to get a full and fabulous flower crown.

IMG_2082 copy

IMG_2086 copy

Step Three:

Stick your diamante flowers onto the petals and leaves of the paper flowers. You can never have enough bling!


IMG_2087 copy

Step Four:

Grab you glue gun again and add the sequins into the flowers, You can also stick them underneath the flowers to cover any unsightly glue.

IMG_2088 copy

Step Five:

Pop onto your head and feel magical (adding sequins to face and pretending to be a sleeping forest fairy is optional, but strongly advised)

Flower crown

Flower Crown


Find out more about The Glittery Hands Box Here!

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