DIY Beanie Hat Embellishing.

DIY Beanie Hat Embellishing

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Make a statement out of an old beanie hat with the help of some easy embellishment.

It’s so easy to freshen up an old beanie hat, as statement embellishment is really big this season it’s the perfect time to get embellishing.

I choose to use some resin cabochons I had left over from jewellery making. But anything would be easy to use, old necklaces or brooches would work really well.

Get out your needle and thread, for ultimate statement style pick contrasting and brightly coloured thread. Neon colours look great.

Work out your design and then sew on, keep the amount of places you stitch to a minimum but go for thick visible sewing.

Then pop on your hat, and style it out! An easy DIY which will take ten minutes at most! These make for great presents too.

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