DIY Beaded Pineapple Patch

DIY Beaded Pineapple Patch

I’m pineapple crazy this month! So as the theme of this months Glittery hands Box was totally tropical, it makes total sense to be making as many pineapple things as possible!

So here’s how to create a Beaded pineapple patch using seed beads and felt.

You will need:

  • Felt
  • Seed beads*
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pen and Paper

*Found in the July Glittery Hands Box– a monthly craft subscription box.

Pineapple beaded patch

Step One:

Cut out a small circle of felt approx 5cm in width.

Pineapple beaded patch

Step Two:

Draw out a rough plan of the pineapple, then grab the beads you need!

Pineapple Beaded Patch

Step three:

Thread up your needle and start sewing the beads onto your felt.

Start with yellow beads to create the pineapple. I went for 6 beads for the first line.

Sew up through the felt, through the bead then back down in the same spot.

Pineapple Beaded patch

Step Four:

Continue stitching on beads to create the pineapple shape. Add in the occasional white bead to add some depth.

Pineapple Beaded Patch

Pineapple Beaded Patch

Step Five:

Start adding Green beads to create the leaves, add light and dark green beads in lines to make the leaf shapes.

Pineapple Beaded Patch

Step Seven:

Admire your handy work! Such a cute pineapple!

Why not Stitch your patch onto a jacket or add a pin to the back and turn it into a badge?

Pineapple Beaded Patch

Pineapple Beaded Patch


Find out more about The Glittery Hands Box Here!

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