DIY Anthropologie Party Animals

As you might of seen at my recent Craft Party we made these really cute party animals. they were a massive hit with the girls, so i wanted to share them with you. I first spotted these beautiful party animals on Pinterest, sold for $38 in anthropologie i knew these would be an easy and cheap DIY that anyone can get involved in.

Here are the anthro ones:


So Cute!! 

What You will Need:

  • Plastic animals (I picked up a pack of 6 in The Works for £1.50)
  • Glue Gun
  • Old Jewellery, Beads and Sequins 
  • Material/Leather off cuts



Step One:

Take your plastic animal and give him/her a name!

I used a little off cut of leather to make a saddle. To do this cut a small piece of material around a centimetre in length, add a length of hot glue to the back of the material and add it onto your animal to make a beautiful saddle.




Step Two:

Use pieces of old jewellery chain to make necklaces, saddle embellishments and tail bling. Go crazy, this is a perfect way to use the old jewellery you never wear. Layer up different sizes of chain to create a a really beautiful party animal.


Step Three:

Use little diamantes, beads, sequins and any other little embellishments to add even more bling to your animal. Stack beads to create a crown or add little diamantes to create hoof bling. Use your imagination!

Step four:

Love and look after your party animal!

You can make your animal into a necklace or a keyring by adding a hole and screwing in a jump ring.


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