DIY Anchor Pencil Case

DIY Anchor Pencil Case.

Here is the First of this months makes that correspond with the contents of the April Glittery Hands Box. If you aren’t subscribed to the box of monthly crafty goodness head on over here…

The April box was mermaid lagoon themed so expect lots of sea themed DIY’s coming your way! I thought it would be cool to start with an anchor themed make to get those nautical vibes flowing!

You will need:

Everything with a * next to it can be found in the April Glittery Hands Box!

  • Blank pencil case
  • Docrafts Pigment Ink pad in Lavender*
  • Dovecraft Anchor Stamp*
  • Stamping Block ( if you haven’t got one of these, anything flat and hard will do to stick the stamp too, a book or a coaster are pretty good!)
  • Iron on Anchor Motif*
  • Iron

IMG_8910 copy

Step One:

Pop your anchor stamp onto your stamping block, Ink it up with the ink pad making sure all of the anchor stamp is covered evenly.


Step Two:

Decide on a pattern and start stamping onto your Pencil case. Be sure to push down evenly all over the stamp.

Keep stamping until you have the design you are after. I decided to go for a straight forward geometric pattern. But go anchor stamping crazy!


Step Three:

Grab your iron and iron over the stamped areas to lock in the ink. This will help to prevent fading in the wash.

(Sorry there isn’t a visual for this one, taking photos of yourself whilst iron is a dangerous pastime.)

Step Four:

Choose a spot for your Anchor motif, place it down then hold the iron on top of it for a couple of seconds, repeat until the backing has melted  into the fabric and the motif is stuck.

IMG_8933 copy

Step Five:

Fill up your pencil case with your fave pens and pencils and be off on your sea adventures. Ahoy!

IMG_8923 copy

IMG_8933 copy

IMG_8926 copy

IMG_8937 copy

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