Dear Father Christmas….

Dear Father Christmas,

Happy Christmas eve! I hope your night of deliveries is going well and that all of the elves and reindeer are behaving!

I really tried to be good this year, I did! Perhaps 2015 wasn’t my year! So just in case, I’ll leave out some treats for you to pick up as you fly past. ¬†Some mince pies, carrots for the reindeer and maybe a naughty drink for you, man needs a pick me up right? Last time I checked there weren’t many rules about drinking and flying!

Please be sure to give all of my friends and family an extra little something in their stockings this year, just a little extra hug of a present to say thankyou from me for sticking by me this year. I’ve been a bit useless, just busy glittering away trying to get through things. So thank you chums!

Please sprinkle a bit of glitter about for all of the viewers and readers or, they are a lovely bunch of glittery kittens who deserve a big glittery hug for discovering this very lilac corner of the internet! Thankyou!

Also, world peace, equal rights for women, love and understanding etc would be nice too, but I know you’re a very busy man with only a limited amount of magic. So perhaps we should work on those things ourselves next year!

Sleep well tomorrow and enjoy your roast!

Love Emma xx


dear father christmas

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