Craft is the new black quote.

I don’t care what anyone says, Crafting is cool. ¬†Whatever your jam, be it knitting, scrapbooking, making cute little bow ties for cats or just sprinkling glitter over everything, you know that crafting is the way forward. Why buy that cute (and no doubt very expensive) thing you saw in Anthropologie when you could make it yourself? You get all the credit and you get to look at said awesome thing every day and think yeah my sassy self made that.

Extend your crafting cool to Christmas, look at me every year I give my friends what is essentially a jar of sugar disguised as a handcrafted sugar scrub. Now if I bought them a jar of sugar they would be like what’s this shit Emma’s got us this year, but instead they are like woah look at this shit emma has given us that she made with her own glitter covered hands. Brownie points to me, because if you made it by hand people will appreciate the hard graft you put into it and ignore the fact they didn’t even want a jar of sugar they wanted a unicorn.

Also, by crafting away like a little crafty squirrel and making stuff, you are the only person that has that. I don’t walk into anybody else’s bedroom and see a paper mache deer head on the wall because you can buy that kind of fabulousness from h&m home, it could only be made by me.

Let’s also point out that crafting come hand in hand with glitter and sequins, and if touching glitter and sequins on a regular basis isn’t cool then i don’t know what is.

Conclusion= Craft is the new black.

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Can someone please make me this as an actual t-shirt?

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