Craft Haul Under £10

Today’s Craft Haul is one of those I totally couldn’t afford, but hey when a girl has to have craft stuff she has to have it right?  So to make it slightly kinder to my bank account, I spent under £10 WIN!

Here’s the beautiful collection of things I got:





I’m mad about colouring in at the moment, mainly to like a manic lady to calm myself down! Unfortunately though my colouring pencil jar is a sorry sight. It’s full of lots of cheapy rubbish pencils that deceive you into thinking they are a beautiful red but actually are a horrible brown. What’s that about? cheeky pencils! So it was time for some new ones.

I could easily have spent £20 on beautiful pencils but instead settled for this BIC set of 12 pencils for £1.50. The set covers all of the main colours you could need. I hadn’t used a BIC pencil before but I really like them, the colours are exactly what they say they are and are really pigmented. They get a 9/10 from me!


I also picked up these Neon Pencils, because hello neon! I got them in Tesco’s from their Go create range for around £1.50. The fact that they say Go create on them makes them even more perfect for me. so pretty! Did I need them? Probably not, but I love them so who cares!


All of these pencils will one day need sharpening, but by some weird miracle a sharpener is the only craft tool i don’t own. Until now…… Let just take a second to enjoy how cute this hedgehog is and he’s a sharpener! He has two sizes of sharpener in his belly and you can remove his spikes to  empty him of his hard work. I believe he was £2.00 in Tesco next to a range of gorgeous notebooks that had cats with glasses on.




What would  craft haul be without glitter? My one true love. I picked these cute little bottles up for £1 in The Works, The pack of 8 has beautiful colours of glitter that are perfect for so many crafts or just to look pretty as they are!


It’s rare to find glitter that isn’t really fine, particularly for this price. These are big beautiful pieces of glitter. Yay!

The pack comes with neon yellow and green glitter which are also rare finds.



I picked up this great Letter stamp set in the works too. I’ve been looking for letter stamps to use with project life that are really flexible and a good font. I was thinking that the kind of thing I wanted would be super expensive but there it was for £1 in the works, absolute perfection.



Continuing with the alphabet theme, I saw these faux leather alphabet stickers and almost lost my shit. They look super expensive, are a good size and are silver so will go with so many projects! I have so many ideas for them, so look out for them in a DIY soon!

I picked up two packs, as each pack has one of each letter in so I wanted the flexibility to be able to spell more words out. For £1 each you can’t go wrong!




So all in all £9 spent on craft loveliness from Tesco’s and The Works. Bargain! picked up any craft bargains lately? Let me know!

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