Confession of a broken China hoarder

The secrets out! I hoard broken China.

It started when I was young, my great aunt and uncles house was once a China shop and legend has it that when the shop closed all of the stock was broken and thrown into the garden.

We used to collect pieces from the flower beds every time we went to visit, sometimes to my delight the pieces even fit together.

When people found broken pieces or a shelf collapsed in and pieces got broken I became the proud new owner of these poor shattered pieces. Over time I amassed the most beautiful collection. Every now and then I would take it out, wash the pieces, sort them, wrap them in kitchen roll and store them away. I think part of me thought I was on time team.

Once I became a teenager I had less time to look at them and mum insisted this strange collection be kept in the garage.

Many years later after searching for my treasure trove, I discovered that mum had thrown the whole lot away without telling me because a rat had weed on it. I still find this a little traumatic and although I love my mum very very much, I find it hard to get over it!

I still collect the odd piece, it excited me to think of who owned it and make up stories as to what happened to it. Plates thrown at walls, then tossed into the mud or a favourite teapot accidentally dropped at a tea party.

Recently at one of our wilder house parties, my lovely friend Laura fell and broke one of my silver jubilee teacups. She was devastated- I was so excited, more broken China for my collection!

Maybe one day I will do something with these silly old pieces, but for now they can stay safely tucked away in a tin away from weeing rodents and my lovely mum 😉

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