Colouring In Is Cool Quote

Yeahhhhh Colouring in is totally a thing now. It’s now totally acceptable as an adult to buy a colouring book. No more secret colouring in when being an adult gets too much.

Colouring has become a really cool thing to be doing,  all the best bookshops and supermarkets have every single possible adult colouring in book you could find. Let’s just point out that by adult colouring book, this does not mean that they contain any naked ladies you can colour in. It just means that they are aimed at grown up people – So you won’t find yourself colouring in a tiny mouse with a jazzy hat on that’s eating cheese. (Although that sounds good to me). It’s more likely you will be colouring a soothing secret garden or a tropical paradise.

So go and buy some colouring pencils or even some gel pens if that’s how you roll and get colouring, you never know you might begin to  feel all chilled out.

Colouring In is cool


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