Colour code your DVDs.

A couple of months ago I forced my flat mates to colour code our DVD shelves. It took a lot of persuasion, I can almost hear you shouting “but, how will I ever find mean girls?!” too!
Yes it makes finding a DVD 5 times harder but it’s 200% worth it.

We went from having a dull shelving unit jam packed with DVDs to a statement area of our lounge that everyone comments on!

To get this look yourself, here’s a few tips.

*If you house share be prepared to mix up your collections; being annoyingly organised I already initial my DVD’s; but if you are not ready to go down the permanent marker route, then cute little stickers will work nicely.

* Clear your shelves. It makes it a lot easier to get everything off and sort into colour piles.

* Decide how you want the colours to run on your shelves. We decided to start at white and run left to right through to black.

* Refine colour co-ordination once everything is on the shelf.

* Pick out matching or contrasting pieces to decorate the shelves.

20141107-103856 am-38336263.jpg

20141107-103938 am-38378721.jpg

Then stand back and enjoy the compliments!, an easy and free way to make a statement and get fabulous looking shelves.

E. x

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