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I recently hosted a Christmas craft evening for 7 of my girl friends. each person went home with 5 beautiful Handmade Crafts .

I pushed back all of the furniture in the lounge so we could sit on the floor (luckily we have laminate floors and not carpets!) I set up the dining table with everything that we needed and popped out snacks on the coffee table.

We started with crafts that could be easily caught up on for those late comers (there’s always one!). First we made Sharpie Mugs, these are easy! cheap and loads of fun. We made ones with the Grinch, Elsa, Rudolph, fairy lights, robins and even the shipping forecast!

Then we moved on to Paper Snowflake Ballerinas, These are on of my absolute favourite crafts. They are so so so easy for everyone to make and are pretty possible to go wrong. I’ve never seen an ugly snowflake ballerina, just not possible!

Next we moved onto one of the most intricate crafts of the evening Jam Jar Snowflakes. Everyone made amazing snow globes (Kelly even stuck a reindeer to the top of a tree!) This was the craft with the most bits and glue involved, but all of the girls made beautiful jars and only one got superglued fingers!

In between drinking loads of mulled wine and eating far too many onion ring crisps we also made Hama Bead Snowflakes. Emma managed to drop about a thousand Hama beads over the floor- Major LOL!

However the messiest craft of the evening was probably the Glitter Stars. These are so pretty, but so so so so much glitter means I’m still finding bits of sparkle all over the house!!

It was awesome to spend the night chatting, laughing and making beautiful crafts with my gorgeous girls. Everyone made such beautiful Christmassy crafts, and there was SO much Glitter! Yay!

Get your girls together for an epic crafty night too!

EJ x

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