Charity shop find- Amazing carpet style bag.

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It’s no secret that I LOVE a charity shop, I can spend hours and hours trawling through other peoples junk looking for treasure. I love that everything has a story and a past life I will never know about.

I also love that you can find things that are absolutely perfect that you couldn’t imagine, that are a perfect fit to you and your life but you didn’t know you needed.

This bag is 100% an example of this. I have a mental list of things I look out for in charity shops; things like scrabble boards, Hornsea pottery, teacups with the queens face on etc but weirdly carpet bag isn’t on that list and I’m not sure why. I’ve wanted a carpet bag for FOREVER. They seem magical, knowledgable (can a bag be knowledgable? They can now) and like they will hold all your secrets/used tissues and bits of biscuit in a little warm carpet cacoon.

Also I want to feel like Mary Poppins when I’m pulling out endless items to find my purse. I spotted this little gem of a bag in the OXFAM shop in Abingdon, Oxford whilst on a charity shop day with my Mum. My heart rate increases anyway when entering a good charity shop, and this is a very good charity shop.

Note: A good charity shop in my eyes, is filled to the brim with random objects. Fairly priced and does not contain and new crappy items that take up valuable space.

So heart rate and breathing pretty high, I spotted this bag underneath a rail, tucked away at the back. Naturally I made a beeline for it, just incase anyone else spotted it too! It is everything I had hoped it would be. It needs a new zip but that kind of adds to its charm, it was also ¬£9.99 which is way above my charity shop limit per item but I was madly in love and couldn’t leave it behind.

It’s already been on a few trips out with me, as a person who finds it necessary to carry at least 5 notebooks and 2 diaries around at all times, this is perfect on days where I need to take the whole of WHSmith with me.

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