You’re A Gem Quote

You’re a gem!

Happy Wednesday Glitter Kittens. I wanted to share the illustrated quote from the September Glittery Hands Box with you today, to remind you that you are a very special little gem.

So carry on sparkling and know that someone somewhere thinks you are a very precious little gem indeed! Dont let anyone dull that sparkle, even on a wednesday when sparkling doesnt feel possible!

It’s also worth remembering that pieces of rock are put under a load of pressure and turn out pretty freaking fabulous. So soldier on my dears because ultra sparkling days are on their way.

I’m choosing to be a diamond today.

Share this with someone who needs it! (Please credit me!)

Sparkle on!


Flowers Grow Quote

Flowers Grow where dirt used to be.

Wednesday quotes are back! After my mermaid thighs quote, went viral I thought it was time to share some more of my illustrated quotes.

This quote is inspired by a song by Kate nash, Merry Happy. It’s a reminder that everything will okay. If a flower can grow from nothing, through dirt and soil, You can come from rock bottom and grow into a fabulous flower too. I find it hard to remember this sometimes, that just because it feels like shit today doesn’t mean flowers won’t be blooming next week.

Tell yourself It’s all going to be okay. Sometimes you just have to stand in a pile of shit first before you get there and that totally okay because just think of the sassy beautiful flower of a life you’ve got coming for you. flower cut out copy

Let me put on my Crown Quote.

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It’s Wednesday again! I feel like this is one of those weeks where everyone is really feeling the lack of motivation. It’s almost pay day, the weather doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing and time seems to be dragging by slower than ever.

This week I’m definitely finding it hard to find those female boss vibes.  So I thought we could all do with a little Wednesday pick me up sassy quote.  If you are feeling the mid week blues, put on your imaginary crown, hold that beautiful head up high and get through this week.

Put on your crowns princesses, let’s own this!


let me put on my crown

How not to be a dick on valentines day!

Turns out today’s Wednesday quote is actually a Friday quote! oops! I’m launching a new business- A craft subscription box! ( so everything is a bit behind this week!

Since it’s valentines day this weekend, I thought my fries before guys quote was the best to share this week, For all my girls and guys out there who haven’t got a partner this weekend to throw sickening red and pink things at.

I also thought since some people need a reminder on how to act on valentines day, I would throw together a few rules, that I believe should be followed this valentines day.

So If you are lucky enough to be in love this weekend please be aware that nobody cares what “the boy” gave you or did. Or how much money was spent. Or that you got the same Michael Kors watch as EVERY body else on EARTH.

Here are my top tips on how not to be a dick this valentines day:

1.Share the love by being considerate to your single friends, keep your social media on the down low.

2. Get off your phone and enjoy your life, don’t tell us about how great your partner is, tell them!

3.Give love to your girl squad, Galentines (Valentines to celebrate your gal’s!) is a way cuter way to spend your time, and it will inevitably involve pizza! WIN!

4. If you do feel the need to post on social media about your other half please use their real name, last time I checked you were dating a grown man- not a child “boy”.

5. Take a moment to remember that although Valentines day is a lovely way to show love, you should be showing love and affection for the ones you hold dear EVERY DAY. not just this one day that should, in fact be called worldwide support for florists, card shops and the Marks and Spencers Meal deal day.

5. Don’t be the dick who share’s unnecessary photo’s of their flowers, chocolates, new kitten on Instagram. It’s 1000% boring.

6. Most Importantly Love yourself.


If you are single This valentines day, here’s how to go about your day:

1.Go about your day as usual. What’s this valentines day you speak of?

2.Buy yourself a pizza/chips and enjoy them- Love your life because you don’t have to share with anyone.

3.Put on music and dance around in your underwear, pretending you are Queen Bey. Remember that you are an independent women who doesn’t put up with shit from anybody.

4.Make cute Galentines Cards for your squad, remind them how much they mean to you.

5. Stay very clear of online dating today, tinder is not your friend.

6.Pop a garlic bread in the oven, then scroll through Pinterest looking at hot bearded men.

7.Watch Ru Pauls Drag race on Netflix, wonder how Ru has such a great chest, drool over all of the sequins then channel your inner diva. Because if you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?


Have a happy Sunday with extra love this weekend glitter kittens, and feel free to share with anyone who need to not be dick or needs to remember being single is just as fabulous this Valentines day!

Fries before guys

I Just Need More Space Quote

Welcome back to Wednesday quotes! Here’s my first one of the new year!

Since the end of 2015 was highly space themed, what with a British man on the moon and Star Wars I thought it would be cool to do a space related quote. I’ve been pinning all things cute and space related on Pinterest lately which gave me the inspiration for this quote- It’s not you I just need more space!

Maybe not one to send to your valentine! I need more space quote


Merry Christmas!!!


I hope you are having a wonderful glitter filled day with the ones you love!

Eat all of the things, wear as much glitter as you can, give loads of love, tear open the wrapping paper and have a lovely Christmassy day!


merry christmas

Dear Father Christmas….

Dear Father Christmas,

Happy Christmas eve! I hope your night of deliveries is going well and that all of the elves and reindeer are behaving!

I really tried to be good this year, I did! Perhaps 2015 wasn’t my year! So just in case, I’ll leave out some treats for you to pick up as you fly past.  Some mince pies, carrots for the reindeer and maybe a naughty drink for you, man needs a pick me up right? Last time I checked there weren’t many rules about drinking and flying!

Please be sure to give all of my friends and family an extra little something in their stockings this year, just a little extra hug of a present to say thankyou from me for sticking by me this year. I’ve been a bit useless, just busy glittering away trying to get through things. So thank you chums!

Please sprinkle a bit of glitter about for all of the viewers and readers or, they are a lovely bunch of glittery kittens who deserve a big glittery hug for discovering this very lilac corner of the internet! Thankyou!

Also, world peace, equal rights for women, love and understanding etc would be nice too, but I know you’re a very busy man with only a limited amount of magic. So perhaps we should work on those things ourselves next year!

Sleep well tomorrow and enjoy your roast!

Love Emma xx


dear father christmas

May your days be merry,bright and sparkly!

It’s almost Christmas!!!!!!!!

There’s going to a festive quote for next few days to really get you into the glittery festive mood! I’m working right up until Christmas eve so am trying to fit in a little festiveness wherever I can, even if it’s just Christmas songs playing in the background or a cheeky packet of chocolate treats on the coffee table!

I really hope you are fitting in the festive feels in your day too! Get watching those Christmas films, even the really rubbish ones they play all day on Channel Five! Eat and drink everything in sight( it’s Christmas you are 100% allowed) and most importantly share the love. Drop a little card and some biscuits into your next door neighbour, give your gran a bar of soap, give your postman a little card, those little gestures really make a big difference in spreading that festive cheer.

I was panicking I wouldn’t be able to see everyone before the big day, but I realised today there is always time to fit everyone in. Why not have everyone over for a little festive breakfast if you can’t fit them in the day? A perfect way to swap presents, see everyone and start a new tradition!

So may your days be merry, bright and ultra sparkly! (If you can’t be covered in glitter and sequins this week then when can you?!)
may your days be sparkly

Take another little Pizza my heart Quote.

Instead of bombarding you with even more Christmas (although I believe you can never have enough of it!) I thought I’d bring you another pizza quote as today’s Wednesday quote. You know how much I love pizza and pizza quotes so I thought I would share this one with you before Wednesday quotes get super festive!


P.S I was so overwhelmed with love after my Wednesday post two weeks ago (Let’s Talk Anxiety), where I spoke about my anxiety, so first off I want to say a massive thank you! It was also so great to know that there are others out there who feel the same as me and to be able to try to get a little more understanding of anxiety happening in the world!


Lets talk anxiety!

It’s Wednesday! I had a little break from Wednesday quotes as I shimmied off on a much needed  holiday to Marrakech! It was amazing, I’m definitely going back to fill up my suitcase with Moroccan goodies.

Here’s a massive thing I’ve been wanting to share for a while but didn’t know how to say it/ was very scared to share! …….I have anxiety.

I’ve thought a lot about sharing this, (particularly as I shared it with someone recently and their response was less than helpful) but the more I talk to people about it the more I realise how important it is to talk about and share mental health. I had no idea so many of my friends had been through similar things, think about how many people you know might be struggling and need someone to talk to! Anxiety is so easy to hide, I know I can manage to be an okay level of normal when meeting people for a short amount of time, yet they have no idea what shit I’m going through the rest of the day.

Anxiety comes in many different forms, My anxiety is a Generalized anxiety disorder, which for me, in a nutshell manifests its self in panic attacks (sometimes daily) and a whole load of insane worrying. It makes everything an effort, getting dressed, doing housework all become massive tasks. I avoid busy crowded places, particularly the tube. I avoid being at home when there are other people in.  My whole body hurts as its so tense or is hypersensitive to everything. I can’t sleep.Small insignificant things become mountains, something as little as sending an email becomes a huge deal.

I didn’t share this to have sympathy, it’s the last thing I need or want. I just want you to take a second to look out for the people around you, drop them a text (they might not reply) but at least they will know you care. I know I sometimes feel very alone, even though I know I have lots of people around me, my anxiety brain thinks differently. I also want this to be an explanation (not an excuse), anxiety is what’s happening to me, I’ve not turned into an alien, it’s just that a horrible part of my brain is in control sometimes.

I’m having Behavioural therapy and counselling to help me get to a place where anxiety doesn’t dictate my life. One of the scariest things to do if you are feeling this way is to go to the doctors and get help, but do it as soon as you feel you are brave enough to go.

I’d also like to say thank you for reading, this blog is most days the reason I manage to get up and out of bed. Crafting is the only time my anxiety is on pause and I’m just happy, making away with no worry.

Anxiety is a bitch, there is no other way to describe it. So please give your friends, family and people you pass on the street some extra love as you really never know what they are dealing with. Please, please don’t tell them to ‘Be Happy’, It’s not that simple (I wish it was!) or to ‘Calm down’ It will only make them feel worse. Just be there for them.

And for those of you who are also going through anxiety, turn on your girl (or boy) powers. I find they help a little bit towards fighting this bloody thing!

Much love glitter kittens xx