Artist showcase: Elbie Press 

Yesterday I was completely overwhelmed to discover that my awesome artist friend Lucas had drawn me and popped it on Instagram. 

I thought it was about time he got a mention on my blog! He has drawn some awesome things for me over the years, he even designed my first logo for my jewellery business Jewell Emporium! 

Please go and check out his incredible work at, his own quasi-cutesy style is totally epic and unusual. Lucas also creates the coolest Zines, my fave being a really cute fold up issue ‘Thoom’. You can download all of his Zines for only £1 at which in my eyes is no where near enough money to justify the amazing talent and work that goes into them. 

Here’s just some of the other art he has created for me and my flatmate: 

(Elsa and Olaf, OMG! There aren’t words!)

(These two adorn our boiler in the kitchen, the first was a thankyou card after a party we held last year and the second a gatsby inspired version of holly for her birthday! ) 

Pretty please go and check out his work, then spend a £1 to help an artist out! 

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