3 Ways to DIY Cocktail Accessories

3 Ways to DIY Cocktail Accessories.

If you’ve ever joined me at The Craft and Cocktail Club, you will know that I can’t resist a cocktail accessory, if it’s pretty and made to go in a drink then I’m all over it!

I’ve been trying out ways to make my own cocktail bling, that are of course simple to make┬ásince you will need a few! But are maximum cocktail eye candy!

Here are Three ways to create the perfect Cocktail accessory…

1.The Star Swizzle Stick

You will need:

  • Cut down Kebab stick.
  • X-Cut Small Star Palm Punch
  • Pretty Papers
  • Glue

Step one:

Cut out as many stars as you can using the palm punch, the prettier the paper the more fabulous the swizzle stick!

Step two:

Cover the end of the stick in glue and stick on the stars until you have covered the end of the stick to you liking. Voila! One cute cocktail accessory!

2. The Candy Floss Pom-Pom

You will need:

  • Pink Pom Poms
  • Glue Gun
  • Cut down kebab stick

Step One:

Push the kebab stick through the centre of the first two pom poms, this can take a little force!

Step Two:

Add a dab of glue to the end of the stick then push it half way into the third pom-pom.

Cute as Candyfloss!

3.The Sparkly Firecracker.

You will need:

  • Strands of tinsel
  • Glue Gun
  • Cut down kebab stick

Step one:

Take the lengths of tinsel and twist them together twice in the centre.

Step Two:

Add glue to the end of the kebab stick, then wrap the tinsel twice around the stick.

Cut down tinsel to desired length.

One party-ready cocktail, coming right up!

Which one will you be trying?

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